Friday, February 3, 2012


Valentines Day means two things to me this year.

1.  Making sure my daughter doesn't show up to preschool with the epic fail of class Valentines like she did last year.  (Seriously- these kids are handing out full blown goody bags and I sent mine to school with little paper Elmo cards...but I digress)

2.  Having to come up with something- anything- that shows my honey how much I love him.  And being about to deliver a baby, my fall back of new lingerie and an overnight baby-sitter isn't the likely winner.

Enter Wantful

You log in to their site, answer some question about the gift recipient and give them a price range.  VIOLA! They send you this lovely little printed book- a catalog really, and your loved one picks what they want.

Like a very personal gift card.  Love it!

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