Friday, September 30, 2011

Missoni for Target

The hazard of being on vacation when major fashion events take place is they are painfully old news by the time I get to talk about them.  Missoni for Target was HUGE news, and frankly, fell right in line with my Suburban Rebellion.  No sneakers when you can wear these:

 No gym shirts when you can wear this:

Comfy, easy fashion on the cheap... it's everything I'm about.  It also sold out in about 10 minutes.  So, while we all hold our breath to see if more treasures are on their way... I put together a couple of outfits inspired by my fav piece of the collection- this great bag.  No... I didn't get it.  Everything is under $100, because if we had no budget... we wouldn't be ready to battle it out at Target for a bag... would we?

under $100 Inspired by: Missoni for Target

Wet Seal scoop neck dress
$16 -

TopShop blue blouse
$70 -

Cableknit sweater
$37 -

Mango slimming shorts
£28 -

Wet Seal heel boots
$35 -

$79 -

Flat bow shoes
$16 -

Old Navy tear drop earrings
$8.94 -

Hand Scraped Hardwood- SUPER DEAL

I love the look of hand scraped hardwood.  It has this combination of elegance and rusticity, and in a room with good light the detail is amazing.

I was at my brother-in-law's house and they just put in a section of engineered hardwood with a hand scraped finish.  I was drooling over it when he dropped the bomb... it was under $3 per square foot.


And self installed.  My brother-in-law is very talented, just because he can do it, doesn't mean we can... but he popped a piece out to show me it clicked together.  CLICKED- no nails, no glue... just laid it over the old floor.

It is real wood so doesn't have the spongy feel or fake look of pergo, and sells for $2.98 at Home Depot.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Maternity Maven

Sorry about the time off- I was playing Princess at the "Happiest Place on Earth".  BTW... want to see my fashion nightmare?  Spend a day or two at Disneyland.  Honestly, I didn't realize how many people still wear fanny packs.
So, I'm back with new energy on my mission to prove that carpool and chic aren't mutually exclusive.

My belly is definably filling in to it's pregnant best, so I have been on the hunt for cute, but inexpensive maternity clothes.  I'd like to find something other than the latest from Heidi Klum at Destination Maternity

My hunt found Kiki's Fashion- an online maternity boutique with a cute (though limited) selection of completely reasonably priced fashion.  Check out some of my favs:

One-shoulder ruffle shirt- this is pretty fashion forward for maternity wear.  Plus, if you are lucky (and diligent) your arms aren't fat, so might as well show them off!

Cute maxi-dress- comfy as can be, and easy to dress up or down.  This long silhouette can show off the bump distracting from the rest of you.

Deep-V neck sweater- these are surprisingly hard to find for those of us with a baby bump.  One of the best parts of pregnancy is the super-cleavage.  Show it off.  Plus the hint of skin and slim fit shows off curves without making you feel like a lump.

Like I said, great prices!  But be warned; these aren't top quality, loads of acrylics and polyesters.  But, you wear them for 6 months... tops, then they get thrown in a box until one of your girlfriends needs them.  Might as well get maximum cute for minimum cost.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dress like your nest...

I have mentioned this theory of design that says decorate your house like you dress...  so I thought I'd flip in around.  I considered yesterdays fall design obsessions, and with the help of Polyvore created outfits inspired by the design... no piece over $100

I love this houndstooth skirt- I kept it ultra simple with a black cashmere sweater and added a pop of color with the red Naturalizer pumps (fashion and function!)

Then I took the warm camel and caramel colors and created this layered sweater look with luxurious gold tone accessories.  What do you think?

houndstooth and neutrals

Victoria s Secret cashmere sweater
$50 -

Cashmere top
£45 -

Cable knit cardigan
$35 -

Pencil skirt
$51 -

Billy Blues stretch pants
$88 -

Nine west shoes
$90 -

Steel bracelet
$89 -

Alexis Bittar bangle bracelet
$55 -

14k gold jewelry
$88 -

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Fashion At Home

To my husbands delight, football season started yesterday.  The unofficial beginning of Fall.  We were also met with the first cool cloudy day of the season.  It had me thinking about unpacking all the things that cozy-up my house for the cool days of Autumn and Winter.  I love LOVE fall fashion.  I love the deep warm colors and lux fabrics- I could live in sweaters and wool skirts.  This year I am on a mission to bring some of that great fall chic into my home.  Here are a couple of my favorite fall fashion trends reflected in great decorating accessories that you can layer into your own decor.

Hounds-tooth; nothing says chic like a crisp hounds-tooth... I wear it on shoes or in skirts.  I love it on this pillow for it's soft neutral color.  It will look effortless on any sofa or chair

Cashmere; what's not to love?  It's the ultimate luxury in scarves, sweaters, even socks!  I ache for this cashmere throw- it does not fall into my decorate on a budget stance at all... $400 on Overstock (but hey- its $420 at Saks...) There are less costly versions, even faux cashmere for as low as $40- but the cable knit of this throw screams comforts and luxury.

Rich fall colors; I love fall for red lipstick, darker hair color and the gorgeous warm tones of brown and gold.  Check out this amazing color pallet from HGTV.  My walls are actually a similar shade of brown, now I just need to bring in these rust and caramel colored accents.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fashion's Night In

Maybe you are like me, and somewhere between a toddler and a full time job you realize that actually attending Fashion's Night Out is a lot of work.  If so, mix yourself a cocktail, put on your cutest jammies and join me in proclaiming "Fashions Night In"

For the first time Fashion's Night Out is taking to the cyber-verse with TONS of online specials and events.  Free shipping, give-a-ways and special deals galore.  Check the online event listings here. and meet me at the Amazon Clothing site (seriously, did you know about this?) for free shipping and styling ideas from Refinery29


"Shopping Incentives" from Diva Props... my curiosity is piqued, but who needs an incentive when you can get this beauty for $44

 And free shipping plus "mark down countdown"  (a shopping game?!?!) from Rue Sophie- the only place I know of to get bamboo sunglasses

Whether you are rocking the events, or rocking your laptop tonight, don't forget to pick up the official FNO shirt.  It's proof positive that you are the hip-est mom in the carpool line, but more importantly all proceeds go to the New York City AIDS Fund in the New York Community Trust.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

For your little fashionista...

Okay- I hate to talk about the same website in two posts so close together, but I'd be wrong to let the birth of "Little Rue" slip by.  I'm a huge fan of Zulily- a kid-centric flash sale site.  I have bought everything from squeaky shoes for my two year old to lingerie for me on their site.  Definitely a great spot for reasonably priced unique kids wear.  But if you feel the need to step it up for a Nantucket vacation (or you are raising a little Suri of your own) check out Little Rue on Rue La La. 

Today's sales include these little Brooks Brothers duds

Merino wool sweater

Plaid dress
Wool cable knit sweater

AND Gucci Shoes!!
Gucci rain boots
Gucci patent leather flats

...makes me wish I was a two year old.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fashion's Night Out

Everyone deserves a night out- fashion included!  This Thursday, September 8th is the third annual Fashion's Night Out- so put on your cutest outfit, grab a girlfriend and check out the after-hours shopping events near you.  The details are at  You can search shopping events in your state- so don't start thinking this is just for the New York, L.A. crowd.  You can even check out online events- so, no excuses!

I'm going to be checking out the Vince Camuto ready to wear launch at Macy's- looks like it is bound to include some of my favorite things.  Like...

Super girlie skirts with rocker edge.  And...

Party worthy tanks

Friday, September 2, 2011

Winter Ready Skin

When my daughter was born I because really aware of what is kids bath products.  Parabins, sulfates all kinds of things I didn't want absorbed into my sweet baby's skin.  I hunted for reasonably priced organic baby products, and there is no shortage.  It wasn't long until I was thinking the same thing about my own skin- sure I have 30+ years of $1.99 lotion sucked into my skin, but there is no time like the present to change.  The problem?  There is a shortage of reasonably priced skin care products for women.

About a year ago a friend in the cosmetics industry introduced me to Melvita, and organic beauty product company based in France.  I fell in love with the high quality reasonably priced products that I feel good about slathering on.  Summer is over, and it's time to start preempting the damage that cold weather and constantly running central heat can cause.  It made me think of a couple Melvita products I can't live without.  I use everything from their foot lotion to eye cream- but here are my top 3.

1. Argan Oil- ie: magic in a bottle.  It reduced my stretch-marks, I put it on split ends, use it as a body moisturizer and in a pinch, I have used in on my face.  It is even a UV protectant.  Plus it has this heavenly exotic scent that makes me feel like an Arabian princess.

2. Extra-Rich Hand Cream- full disclosure- at $24 this is a bit of a splurge, but one tube lasted me almost 6 months.  Everyone who uses it, loves it.  Sweet lavender scent and super creamy non-greasy lotion- best combo ever.  My hands have never felt so good- my nails look great too!
3.  Exfoliating Shower Gel- Foaming body scrub (yes, foaming) with and orange cinnamon scent.  I supplement my regular body wash with it a couple of times a week to stay soft and (shhhh) even my husband uses it!

P.S. Melvita also offers a whole line of mom and baby products- but that's a post for another day.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rue 30- Flash Sale Heaven

If you are an online shopping junkie like me, you already know about flash sales.  It not, take heed!  Flash sales are 24-72 hour sales of designer goods on invitation only websites.  The theory is that high-end designers can offer deep discounts because because the discounting is protected from the media.  So the sale doesn't hurt the brand. (BTW- I am obsessed with flash sale sites, expect to hear more about them!)

This is a great way to buy designer goods at less painful prices.  That means you can dress better than the other moms at the playground and still buy groceries.  Of the flash sale sites Rue La La is arguably the most popular, mostly dedicated to clothing- they introduce new sales everyday.  Right now you can get this DKNY trench for $99 (it retails for $300)

Here's the news worthy part... Rue La La just announced that all shipping is flat rate $9.95- pay it once and all other orders you place for 30 days ship free!  Shoppers rejoice- nothing says retail therapy like free shipping.