Monday, October 24, 2011

In the pink

I was pretty disappointed in myself when I realized it is October 24th, and I haven't even mentioned Breast Cancer Awareness month.  My family, like many others, has been touched my this disease, and although we should be aware of our bodies and our health all year long- this is an especially important time to remember: do self exams regularly and get mammograms when appropriate.  In honor or breast cancer awareness- here are some of my fav things in pink.

Structured dress
£28 -

CALYPSO ST BARTH chiffon top
$69 -

Dorothy Perkins pink top
£8 -

Knee length a line skirt
$17 -

$30 -

Miu Miu logo bag
$420 -

Camelia Avenue Posy Vase
$25 -

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Coolest Bed Ever

I thought this was worth sharing- this has to be the coolest bed ever- check it out on One Kings Lane today and tomorrow.  If I had a sprawling yard with a pool, an airy loft, or a house bigger than a shoebox... I'd be starting a campaign for this bed today.

You can leave it as is and let it rock, or, if you are concerned about motion sickness- use small rubber stoppers to keep it in place.  Either way, I love the way it feels like a cross between a wine cask and a traditional canopy bed.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My new love...

I was at my Target the other day, and I saw something...

...could it be?  No... YES! Tucked away in the jewelry- doubtless hidden by someone who intended to come back for it was... my new Missoni scarf!

Here's the glamor shot

I love LOVE it for Fall, the warm neutrals with gold thread woven through are screaming Autumn and although today I am wearing it with a tank (we are enjoying an 85 degree Indian Summer day here on the West Coast) it is light enough to easily layer over a sweater when things cool off. 

Bonus- the infinity scarf design is  easy to wear.  I am forever trying to tie my scarf like a Parisian- do French women take classes in how to tie scarves?   

My weekly visit to Target paid off!  Word is there will be sporadic replenishment of the Missoni collection through out the month of October, so if you are kicking yourself for missing it- there is hope!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tufted Headboards- cozy on the cheap

 I've always gravitated to the commanding look of a four-poster bed.  But, lately I am really loving tufted headboards.  There is something about them that just seems so cozy and inviting, I just want to snuggle in. 
Even better- they are usually a less expensive alternative to big wooden bedsteads.
I especially love when they are slightly winged like this version from Broyhill.  They just barely remind me of the forts I built out of blankets as a kid- gotta love a reason to hideout in bed!

Here's My dream bedroom in creams and blues:

tufted headboard by substyle on

Monday, October 10, 2011

The best dressed bump

I was wandering a bookstore this weekend, and found Bump It Up: Transform Your Pregnancy into the Ultimate Style Statement by Amy Tara Koch

It started out as something to read on the couch while my in-laws are in town, but it sort of hooked me.  With my first pregnancy, I didn't give pregnancy fashion much thought.  I was so thrilled to be pregnant I wanted to wear maternity clothes (hormones...)  After my daughter was born, I looked back an my pregnancy with the clarity that only time can bring.  It was pretty awful.  I gained over 40 pounds (OMG- did I just admit that?!) and lived in denim maternity capris and bulky tops.  That's not quite true... my mom took me shopping early in my pregnancy and got me a couple of really cute things to wear to work and some events I had.  But, when left to my own devices, I was a disaster!
This time, I am determined to rock the hot mama look.  (Frankly, the first step has been not rocking so many hot fudge sundaes.)  But, not as easy as I thought... this book had a couple of tips that I had already discovered, and a few I hadn't thought of.  Here are a few of my favs.

The Bella Band by Ingrid & Isabel
One of the thing I liked best about this book is that it encourages you to wear your own clothes, so this is the only product I''ll call out.  The Bella Band is a super stretchy tube of fabric thats fits over the waistband of your pants or skirts.  Thanks to an assortment of these darlings I'm almost halfway through my pregnancy and I am still wearing my own pants (so much cuter than anything with an elastic waist!) They come in a rainbow of colors so you can coordinate them to your outfits (they look like a layering tank) although in many cases they don't show at all.

Long "wife-beater" style tanks
My daughter was born in late summer, so I sadly went through a very hot pregnancy without these.  This time I can't get enough- I'm wearing them by themselves on warm Indian Summer days and under cardigans and blazers when it's cooler.  Most everyone has them, but if not, they are pretty cheap ($6 at Target right now) and come in great colors.  They show off the cute 2nd trimester bump, and if they are long enough stretch out my short round torso.

Seems like a no brainer, but they call it "baby-brain" for a reason.  It frankly never occurred to me that a strategic accessory choice could distract from my size.  I at a point, I tried to shrink more than shine.  This time I am going the opposite route.  I put away my dainty jewelry, and moved my statement pieces to the front.  I got a fedora too.  Also belts- this has always confused me in pregnancy... belt above the bump?  below?  Turns out, both are right- but the book helped me figure out when.

Wear Heels:
This is one to do as long as possible.  36 weeks into growing a human, it's not always possible to wear heels.  Also, balance is a huge issue in pregnancy.  But a decent wedge, or kitten heel can go far to make a girl look a) smaller and b) pulled together. 

So far, it must be working.  Yesterday my husband said to me- "you are so much cuter this pregnancy" sweet! 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Great Vintage Dress Giveaway!

Fellow blogger, Paper Moons and Macaroons is offering this fabulous vintage dress giveaway.

Papermoons & Macarons

Check out her beautiful blog and enter to win!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Statement jewelry at subtle prices

Handmade jewelry has a deliciously special feel to it, and finding a designer who hand-makes great jewelry at a reasonable price is the kind of secret you sort of want to share, and sort of don't.  But I will share- it's just the kind of girl I am!

Kris Nations is a Northern California jewelry designer and my go-to girl for unique gifts for the women in my life.  She designs great, easily wearable pieces ranging from simple to statement, most all pieces are available in gold or silver.  Affordable and from recycled metals too!  Here's a few pieces on my wish list:
 Arc Hoops

Blade Cuff

Blade Hoops

Dahlia Double Chain Necklace

 Geo Leaf Ring

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wear your bridesmaids dress again... really

If your late twenties were anything like mine, you may have noticed  that all your friends get married at once.  One summer I was in three weddings.  THREE!  Long after I had paid off the hair, make-up, shower, bachelorette party debt, I was still left with a closet stuffed with $300 dollar dresses.  Especially painful since I've never spent $300 dollar dress that I actually wanted.  (My wedding dress was a gift from my mom)  I think a hidden camera in my apartment provided the inspiration for the closet in 27 Dresses

And every one was a dress I was promised I would "wear again".  Sure, because I have so much use for a periwinkle ball gown (maybe a Cinderella Halloween costume?) or a lime green cocktail dress (just a hunch, but no one ever wears a lime green cocktail dress again...)  Excuse the sarcasm, but really!  What's worse?  At least two of the dresses have outlasted the marriage.  They hang in my "extra" closet in plastic dry-cleaner bags.  Not because I'm a pack rat like my husband says, but because I can't bring myself to throw away thousands of dollars.

Finally a solution!  I saw an add for NewlyMaid- a service that turns your cotton candy pink tulle nightmare into a sophisticated little black dress.  Its like magic... kind of.
 You buy a postage paid box and send them the dresses cluttering your closet.   They inspect the dress and send you discounted pricing on your choice of the 6 classically styled LBDs.  Best of all your old dress gets recycled into new cloth, or donated to a charity.  Not dumpster filler here!

My fav is called "Kate" sexy for evening, but still cute with a cardigan for work.  It's worth a try, if you are trying to jump start your own style makeover, you are going to need the space anyhow.

The worst bridesmaid dress I ever had was the lime green one, the color was called "lettuce" knee length satin with a rhinestone belt.  What was the worst dress you ever wore?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thomas Paul Flash Sale

Today on Haute Look, New York fashion designer turned furniture visionary Thomas Paul is showing in an invite only flash sale- use this link as your invitation to view.  Great classic lines in big, bold prints and with the most modern color pallets.  This is a great change to embrace the "dress your nest" philosophy.  Here are some of my favs... and what I'd like to wear with them.

Dress your nest

Zimmermann cutout dress
850 AUD -
Mulberry print cocktail dress
$850 -
French Connection cotton dress
£69 -
Missoni plunging neckline top
$552 -
Flower top
$15 -
Hobbs floral jacket
£179 -
Tory Burch low heel boots
$495 -

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Classics

While working on an entry for a Romwe knitwear contest on Polyvore, I was reminded of how much I love capes.  Initially intimidating, they are surprising easy to wear, and timelessly elegant.  I wear one with jeans, and a great pair of boots.  To pull it all together carry a structured bag.  
How do you wear your fall staples?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Wishing for waifishness...

I'm a curvy girl (when I'm not pregnant).  Curvy in the right places I think, bust and hips... a little softer the thighs than I like... but curvy in a good way.  Still, sometimes I find myself wishing for waifishness.  One of those times is when I see a great bold necklace like this one from Kenneth Cole.  Something about ample decolletage call out for a longer necklace, something that nestles in the cleavage.  A big bold necklace like this always feels like it is competing for attention.  So here's how I'd rock this necklace, if I were built for it- love that aside from the necklace, nothings over $50.  Urban chic on a coupon clipper budget.

Anybody out there got an idea how to balance baubles and bosom?  ... I'm all ears!

Cheap Monday top
€25 -

Miss Selfridge skinny fit jeans
£25 -

Riley tall slouch boots
$40 -

Club Monaco canvas handbag
$50 -

Kenneth Cole snake necklace
$65 -