Friday, November 11, 2011

The Big Purge

If you wonder where I've been lately, look in my closet.  Well, not my closet, but my guestroom closet.  In the four years we have lived in our house, we have had one room that has served as a catch-all.  Our guest room-cum office- soon to be a cotton candy pink paradise for a two year old.  That means getting rid of everything I'm not attached to, and finding a new home for all the keepers from photos to wrapping paper.

So... since I am currently obsessed with organizing my most precious possessions, here are a few of my top 5 space saving solutions.

1. Space Bags: I know, I know, right into the world of "as seen on TV" but I swear- I use these for everything- linens, baby clothes, sweaters... best of all they fit anywhere!

2. Wrapping paper storage: I dream of a wrapping paper station that looks like this

but in my mini house... I'm getting one that looks like this
 ...its actually a great solution with a spot for ribbon, tape and scissors as well as the bin space for the paper rolls.  Beats the heck out of propping the rolls up in the corner.

3. Bedroom office equipment: When my husband and I moved in together we agreed on a no TV in the bedroom rule.  I think TVs in the bedroom are the first step towards divorce...  But, with our spare room, we loose our home office which means all the bills and office equipment need a new home.  In the land of lap tops we don't need a n actual workspace, but we do need some equipment.  Enter the wireless printer- it communicates with my lap top in the living room and fits on a bedroom shelf without making me feel like I am sleeping in the office.

 4. Photo Storage: I have a million pre digital photos, and they aren't going anywhere.  So I love this 'Havana' platinum-grey medium photo box by Kolo - it's pretty enough to shelve (unlike the giant plastic bins I've been using) and made with archival paper to keep my treasures safe.
 5. Under the bed storage: This is my FAV- mostly because it make use of my vintage suitcase collection... currently taking up space in the garage.  And shamefully, I had never thought of it...  So much chicer than the plastic bins peeking out from under my bed now.  Thanks to Better Homes and Gardens for the idea!

And bonus- if I had no budget... and was in the market for some bonus storage, I'd embrace my Alice in Wonderland fantasy with this amazing shelving unit from Dust Furniture... to die for...

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