Monday, October 24, 2011

In the pink

I was pretty disappointed in myself when I realized it is October 24th, and I haven't even mentioned Breast Cancer Awareness month.  My family, like many others, has been touched my this disease, and although we should be aware of our bodies and our health all year long- this is an especially important time to remember: do self exams regularly and get mammograms when appropriate.  In honor or breast cancer awareness- here are some of my fav things in pink.

Structured dress
£28 -

CALYPSO ST BARTH chiffon top
$69 -

Dorothy Perkins pink top
£8 -

Knee length a line skirt
$17 -

$30 -

Miu Miu logo bag
$420 -

Camelia Avenue Posy Vase
$25 -

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