Monday, November 14, 2011

Fur Real

... or more accurately faux fur real.  I am so in love with the fur trend that comes out in fall- it makes me feel like Doris Day sipping cocoa next to a fireplace.

But, from a practical standpoint fur creates some challenges.  The first is ahem financial- not only can I not justify coat that costs as much as my mortgage, but I always run the risk of anything from a sucker to spit-up getting ground into what I'm wearing.  Then, there is the issue of proportion- a curvy girl in a fur piece can tend to look a little... Sasquatch-y.  Lastly, I hate looking like I rushed out and bought a trend, and while fur (real or faux) is timeless- many of the styles I'm drawn to smack of this weeks fashion mags.

So I've gathered a collection of my fav, mostly faux, fur pieces.  Reasonably priced (under $200), body skimming (to avoid "bulk") and each with a touch of retro.  Eat your heart out daycare moms!

Fur Real

Fur dress
$75 -

ONLY fur cardigan
£48 -

Faux fur trim coat
$170 -

Fake fur vest
$105 -

Helene berman
$46 -

Zara fur heel boots
$159 -

Star by Julien Macdonald teal bag
£39 -

Abercrombie Fitch knitted shawl
$98 -

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