Thursday, December 1, 2011

Haul out the holly...

My husband just spent the better part of the evening schlepping all our Christmas decoration up the from the garage, and I was greeted with 32 years of holiday.  Hooray!

Although I never part with anything Christmas related, I have created some very specific rules around what goes on display- simply put, it has to be red or gold.  No silver bells and no green- unless its pine scented.  The only exceptions being our actual tree decorations- our tree is like a scrap book and I'd take the memories over the department store perfect tree anytime.

I was looking through the decorations and mulling over the dress your space philosophy.  I've mentioned it before, but I love the idea that thoughtful decor would reflect the same taste as a great outfit.  Well, consider this dressing your space in reverse... and check out these great holiday duds inspired by my fav decorations, and with an eye towards your budget, nothing over $100.

ps... can we have a moments pause for that red handbag from DSW?  $35- really?!  I'll race you to it.
Haul Out The Holly

Oasis crepe dress
$75 -

Moon Collection disco dress
$53 -

BKE top
$28 -

Cropped jacket
£24 -

Jersey pants
£19 -

Nine West slip on shoes
$80 -

La Regale metallic clutch
$30 -

Red handbag
$35 -

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