Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Post-Partum Compression

Ok- I'm T-2 months and really, really ready for my old clothes (and a nice cold beer!) But, this is the most treacherous part of pregnancy- at least it is for my waist line.  I'm supposed to gain a pound a week- that's 8 pounds if you are counting- and I know all too well I could gain 2 pounds a week- and leave the hospital with a beautiful little girl and a body that still looks 8 months pregnant.
So I've been doing a lot of research on how to manage weight gain over these last few weeks )diets are forbidden and the baby does need me to gain some weight- but I'd like to keep it under control) and how to jump start weight loss after baby.  This is how I discovered post-partum compression lingerie.  Apparently, I was completely oblivious after my first baby, because this is all new to me.  It seems everyone from Angelina Jolie to the mom reviewers on Amazon know about this and most swear by it!  It sounds like the trick is to start wearing it hours after birth- I didn't even know that was allowed...

So, here is what I have discovered- there are hundreds of styles- panties, wraps, girdles, tanks ranging from under $20 to well over $100 here are a couple I have discovered:

 Japanese Weekend Nursing Body Shaper $66
 Underworks post delivery girdle $16.99
Yummie Tummie Nursing Tank $86

I'm leaning towards the nursing tank style.  Really, just because it solves two problems as once.  And I've worn Yummie Tummie shapewear for a while and love it, but the nursing tanks get so-so reviews.

So here's the question- have you tried post-partum compression clothing?  And if so to what degree of success, and what kind?  My jelly belly and my skinny jeans thank you!

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