Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring Accessories

To temper yesterdays encouragement to spend- here are a few great spring accessories for pocket change.  A quick wardrobe update- $10 or less.

Way to rock your inner eight year old- Daisy Chain Headband $4.95 at H&M

The thing about wayfarers is that I already wore them the first time around- but these in blush pink seem fresh and new.  I hear my inner hipster calling...
$7.50 WetSeal

I love a brooch added to a cardigan or blazer- and this mint color is totally on trend for spring. 
$9.90 from Zara

I saved the best for last- I LOVE this filigree bracelet from Forever21.   It screams "hooray, the sun is out!"  $4.50.  Yep- enough left over for an ice cream cone.

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