Tuesday, December 6, 2011

...better than yesterday

As promised, I went home yesterday scrapped most of what I was wearing.  This morning, I an feeling a little better about myself.  Please forgive the quality of the camera phone pics... I leave for work at 6 am, and just couldn't deal with downloading from my camera this morning, as you can see- the bed isn't even made yet.

The biggest impact, I actually did my hair- a little curl with a 1" iron does wonders for my spirit and hides the kinks from yesterdays bun.  I stuck with black and white (a preggers's best friend...) and jeans, just with better detail.

The pattern of the shirt helps down-play the bump.  (I LOVE my bump, but everyone who sees me knows its there, there's no reason to highlight it.)  The cardigan has a little ruffle detail to make it more interesting than most black cardigans.  The skinny jean is getting a little tough to pull off, but I'm down to 3 pairs of jeans- well, 2 after yesterday- so I have to do what I can.  Lastly, red croco pump- love this shoe to pieces- they dress up everything and are super comfortable.  Nine West Gwendle pump in red patent croco $59.95 at DSW   

here is yesterday and today side by side:

Any moms or moms to be with tips on how to dress without looking like you are wearing a tent?


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  2. Thanks! That's a great tip- it's so easy for me to forget what difference a touch of luxury can make- to a look or an attitude! And I LOVE this seasons fur.