Monday, December 5, 2011


Ok, I am going waaaay out on a limb, the whole point of a blog about fashion, decor etc is to share fabulous ideas.   But, a friend told be once that if more women shared the hardships and pit falls of being a woman, life would be a little easier for all of us.  In that spirit I am going to show you what happens when sleep deprivation and pregnancy hormones collide.  A momentary stumble in the closet of a girl who is trying to be anything but... well... this:

Mistake #1- the maternity jean.  I've been pretty lucky, I've been able to wear my regular jeans (with the help of a BellyBand) and lots of my own clothes through most of my pregnancy.  But now, at 6 1/2 months pregnant, and with a 2 year old who won't sleep in her own bed- I gave in to the perceived comfort of a maternity jean.  Frankly, they are too big to start with, and the grow as the day goes on.  Plus they require constant tugging at the waist- always a good look...

Mistake #2- the fake necklace shirt... these had a moment... a while ago... and although never really my taste, this might have been a more reasonable article of clothing when the friend who lent it to me was pregnant.  It is not any longer.  And moreover the justification for putting it on this morning (it is long enough to cover the elastic waistband on my maternity jeans) doesn't really matter when the jeans keep falling down.

Mistake # 3- the hair.  Insult to injury, I've actually had pretty cute hair all weekend thanks to a great tutorial from The Small Things Blog,  This is not the cute hair.  This is hair that is washed and thrown in a bun so I can still get to work on time even though I snoozed (twice)

Honestly, I love the sweater, and often, its very flattering- but this outfit does it no favors...

Soooo there you have it.  My clothes-tastrophe.  A Monday morning gone horribly wrong.  You can go read something else now- I still have to go to the grocery store and to pick up my daughter looking like this!  But in the spirit of forgiveness and growth- I'm not wallowing in it any longer...  I will, however lay out a cute outfit tonight- in case its another tough night, and post a pic of that tomorrow so you can see if I did any better. 

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