Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chandelier Tree- great idea I can take no credit for...

Yesterday, I came across this picture on pintrest an thought to myself "now that's how you decorate a chandelier"

photo from

I followed the link to Pearls Handcuffs and Happy Hour and checked out this post.  Turns out that this is a super easy DIY project that even I can do... and it cost a whopping  $9.96  thanks to the Michael's holiday blow-out sale I hit yesterday during lunch. 

If you are keeping track, thats:
$2.49 for 1 nine foot garland
$2.99 for the wreath
1.99 for the cranberry garland I dismantled (cheaper than buying individual picks in the floral section)
2.49 for the ribbon (with plenty left over for gift wrapping)

That's actually a savings off the $12 price tag on the original post (already super cheap!) 

And here it is...

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