Thursday, October 13, 2011

My new love...

I was at my Target the other day, and I saw something...

...could it be?  No... YES! Tucked away in the jewelry- doubtless hidden by someone who intended to come back for it was... my new Missoni scarf!

Here's the glamor shot

I love LOVE it for Fall, the warm neutrals with gold thread woven through are screaming Autumn and although today I am wearing it with a tank (we are enjoying an 85 degree Indian Summer day here on the West Coast) it is light enough to easily layer over a sweater when things cool off. 

Bonus- the infinity scarf design is  easy to wear.  I am forever trying to tie my scarf like a Parisian- do French women take classes in how to tie scarves?   

My weekly visit to Target paid off!  Word is there will be sporadic replenishment of the Missoni collection through out the month of October, so if you are kicking yourself for missing it- there is hope!


  1. That is one pretty scarf!

    x Aliya

  2. Thanks Aliya- I'm having to hold my self back from wearing it everyday!