Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wear your bridesmaids dress again... really

If your late twenties were anything like mine, you may have noticed  that all your friends get married at once.  One summer I was in three weddings.  THREE!  Long after I had paid off the hair, make-up, shower, bachelorette party debt, I was still left with a closet stuffed with $300 dollar dresses.  Especially painful since I've never spent $300 dollar dress that I actually wanted.  (My wedding dress was a gift from my mom)  I think a hidden camera in my apartment provided the inspiration for the closet in 27 Dresses

And every one was a dress I was promised I would "wear again".  Sure, because I have so much use for a periwinkle ball gown (maybe a Cinderella Halloween costume?) or a lime green cocktail dress (just a hunch, but no one ever wears a lime green cocktail dress again...)  Excuse the sarcasm, but really!  What's worse?  At least two of the dresses have outlasted the marriage.  They hang in my "extra" closet in plastic dry-cleaner bags.  Not because I'm a pack rat like my husband says, but because I can't bring myself to throw away thousands of dollars.

Finally a solution!  I saw an add for NewlyMaid- a service that turns your cotton candy pink tulle nightmare into a sophisticated little black dress.  Its like magic... kind of.
 You buy a postage paid box and send them the dresses cluttering your closet.   They inspect the dress and send you discounted pricing on your choice of the 6 classically styled LBDs.  Best of all your old dress gets recycled into new cloth, or donated to a charity.  Not dumpster filler here!

My fav is called "Kate" sexy for evening, but still cute with a cardigan for work.  It's worth a try, if you are trying to jump start your own style makeover, you are going to need the space anyhow.

The worst bridesmaid dress I ever had was the lime green one, the color was called "lettuce" knee length satin with a rhinestone belt.  What was the worst dress you ever wore?

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  1. great post! i understand where you're coming from!

    (just wondering did you get my reply on ifb?)

    fauxfashion xo