Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fashion's Night In

Maybe you are like me, and somewhere between a toddler and a full time job you realize that actually attending Fashion's Night Out is a lot of work.  If so, mix yourself a cocktail, put on your cutest jammies and join me in proclaiming "Fashions Night In"

For the first time Fashion's Night Out is taking to the cyber-verse with TONS of online specials and events.  Free shipping, give-a-ways and special deals galore.  Check the online event listings here. and meet me at the Amazon Clothing site (seriously, did you know about this?) for free shipping and styling ideas from Refinery29


"Shopping Incentives" from Diva Props... my curiosity is piqued, but who needs an incentive when you can get this beauty for $44

 And free shipping plus "mark down countdown"  (a shopping game?!?!) from Rue Sophie- the only place I know of to get bamboo sunglasses

Whether you are rocking the events, or rocking your laptop tonight, don't forget to pick up the official FNO shirt.  It's proof positive that you are the hip-est mom in the carpool line, but more importantly all proceeds go to the New York City AIDS Fund in the New York Community Trust.

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