Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Fashion At Home

To my husbands delight, football season started yesterday.  The unofficial beginning of Fall.  We were also met with the first cool cloudy day of the season.  It had me thinking about unpacking all the things that cozy-up my house for the cool days of Autumn and Winter.  I love LOVE fall fashion.  I love the deep warm colors and lux fabrics- I could live in sweaters and wool skirts.  This year I am on a mission to bring some of that great fall chic into my home.  Here are a couple of my favorite fall fashion trends reflected in great decorating accessories that you can layer into your own decor.

Hounds-tooth; nothing says chic like a crisp hounds-tooth... I wear it on shoes or in skirts.  I love it on this pillow for it's soft neutral color.  It will look effortless on any sofa or chair

Cashmere; what's not to love?  It's the ultimate luxury in scarves, sweaters, even socks!  I ache for this cashmere throw- it does not fall into my decorate on a budget stance at all... $400 on Overstock (but hey- its $420 at Saks...) There are less costly versions, even faux cashmere for as low as $40- but the cable knit of this throw screams comforts and luxury.

Rich fall colors; I love fall for red lipstick, darker hair color and the gorgeous warm tones of brown and gold.  Check out this amazing color pallet from HGTV.  My walls are actually a similar shade of brown, now I just need to bring in these rust and caramel colored accents.

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