Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The best hour of my day

I cut out of work early today to get a pedicure.  I am thinking they should just offer one early day a month for personal maintenance.  I, for one would be much more productive if I wasn't wondering if my roots are showing or checking out the chip in my nail polish.  In addition to being a better employee- I'd be a better mom.  Honestly, nothing gives you patience with two year old quite like an hour in the massage chair.

So here is my shout out to the last few weeks of sandal season, and most perfect nail color ever.  I know, in my effort to bring back the cool I should have painted my nails midnight blue or gun metal gray.  But honestly- I am madly in love with O.P.I.'s "I'm not really a waitress" quite possibly the perfect shade of red... I don't see the romance ending anytime soon.

Not the most flattering picture of my feet, but freshly "done" they still make me happy.

ps- love the toe ring?  (Or hate it?) I can't part with it.  I bought it in Portugal the summer after I graduated from college and it hasn't come off since.  Hey, every girl needs a reminder of who she used to be. 

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