Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Haute Mama

It's no secret- most maternity clothes are ugly.  In case its not difficult enough to blow up like a blimp, then you have to dress your bump in clothes you'd normally refuse to leave the house in.  Sure there are designer maternity clothes- but seriously, I'm not spending $190 on a pair of Jo's maternity jeans.  So if you have a bump, or are about to get one- check out this sale quick!

Destination Maternity has an additional 40% off all clearance items- including the new Heidi Klum collections;  Loved and Lavish and all A Pea In The Pod clothes.  The sale goes until 9/5 so no time to waste.  Check out the maternity coat I got for a cool $25!

Hey- I'm going to get fat, but I don't have to be fat in a sweatshirt!

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