Thursday, August 25, 2011

Light it up

If I had to describe my design philosophy, I would probably say contemporary Hollywood regency.  I love the mid-century modern basics with touches of Chinoiserie.  My great-grandma gave me some of her furniture and housewares when we moved her out of her home.  I was in my early 20’s, and needed to furnish an apartment.  She needed a good home for a lifetime’s worth of belongings.  At the time they were just hand-me-downs with emotional attachment, but now I see them as mid-century treasures; a great china cabinet with solid clean lines, a leather ottoman and these fabulous lamps.  This is one half of a pair- the other one is tucked away until I have some tabletop space for it.  My husband thinks my attachment to these is a symptom of pack rat behavior but with new lampshades I think I have converted this into a centerpiece of our living room.

  My favorite part?  Check out how the base lights up- perfect to leave on if we are out for the evening, or a little mood lighting.

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