Friday, August 26, 2011 comes the sun burst

Part of my desire to bust out of boring suburbia means buying more furniture from consignment and antique stores.  Honestly, it's more my taste anyhow.  But every once in a while I have to let that go and venture into a "big box store" (I mean Target, not WalMart, a girl has to have standards)

I  have to admit, with the rotating guest designers, and all Target is kinda living up to it's French name "Tar-jay".  One example is a gold sunburst mirror like this one for a cool $89.99

I am still obsessing over blue couches... imagine it with this amazing sofa at Danish Modern L.A.

...or these white leather chairs from Groovy Girls Etsy Store  (someone had the same idea with the sunburst)

Hi Groovy Girl, I noticed someone beat me to these, but have no fear... I'm sure I'll be buying from you in the near future...

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