Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fall Centerpiece

A few weeks ago I found this great wooden platter at a consignment store near our home- $8 and loos great on our table.  Problem is now we have this empty black tray on our table.  I had experimented with placing some fruits in it- apples were pretty, and the first green pears of the year look great (I'm sure some Anjou pears would be really beautiful a little later in the Fall.)  But honestly, if I leave fruit on my table like that, its going to rot.  Suddenly I'll have fruit flies and weird smell in the dining room and I won't know why... yes- that is embarrassing to admit.

Liking the nice round organic shape of the fruit, and not really wanting the nice flying organic accompaniments of the fruit flies, I started looking at decorative balls- there are lots out there... although they can be pricey.  These are beautiful, though the matching bowl isn't really for me

I found some great options while I was at Lamps Plus yesterday buying my new lampshade!  A whopping $2.15 each... and in colors I love with my Southern Spanish influenced runner.  By the way- a tip from my tears at an art gallery- unless you are using pairs of something for impact (lamps, candlesticks etc) decorate with odd numbers- it feels more organic. 

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